Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'll be back

I have not forgotten this blog, I am just working my ass off trying to make the money I never made last year while I was pimping my ass out for raising the money for the film, and generally doing the film, and generally not making a penny and messing badly with the whole concept of cashflow, by sticking everything on American Express.

I've got a heap of stuff I'd like to unravel my brain into this blog on, but for now, it's deadlynz are us, and a heavy application of discipline.

I also did no exercise the whole time we were working on this film and I have this unsightly stress and laziness induced jelly roll, a nasty ass bit of flubber, round my midriff, which could do with a little work as well.

So I'm feeling less Mazel Tof, more Muffin Top

Tom, also, is digging back in at Bystock. He was angry and arrogant at times over Christmas, which is good, I think. But the parents weren't so sure. I wonder if they think it was a bad idea?

Who knows, we try not to talk deeply as a family, there's just too many of us to get in a stew about.

God love em all.

Meanwhile, my ex-boyfriend hates me I think, probably because I repeated some things he told me about telly folk, and because I said Tom had a better sense of humour than him in this blog. Ah well, we hated each other anyway.

Public, that's where you air dirty laundry. Let it breathe!

I'll be back. (Another one of Tom's heroes, pre Lars)...

hit this for hours (moments) of Arnie joy

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