Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tom's Metallica Stuff - a sneak peek at the Mission to Lars

The editing continues. Slowly - cheaply. Looks like we'll bring the film in at fashionably low budget, which is all the rage these days doncha know. Though that doesn't include marketing which clearly will cost a bomb, flying us all round the world first class with an entourage and private chefs to warm up all Tom's pies for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Back on planet earth, I have a few small chunks of film on my laptop that I shouldn't show anyone other than those prepared to give us a bit of cash. But I will share a nugget here just to see if any followers are awake at the back of this incredibly inconsistent class. This scene involves Will trying to persuade Tom to truffle out all his Metallica stuff. This is like getting blood out of a stone. But you get to meet Tom.

Say Hello. You'll be seeing a whole lot more of him once this film is out n about. You'll also have to see some of me. An editing fact that nearly blew my head off with cringification until recently when I realised it is a neccessary evil to make the film move and happen and anyway, someone's gotta be the bad guy, to paraphrase tony montana.

alrighty. time to do some money work