Thursday, 31 May 2012

mission to lars, tour dates

Mission to Lars will be premiered at Hackney Picturehouse on June 6th 2021 at 9 p.m. There will be a Q&A with its directors chaired by Richard Bacon after the screening.

The film tours Picturehouse theatres nationwide throughout June and July.

You can watch the new trailer here: or visit the website here:

Random dates everywhere from Inverness to Devizes are being added all the time, so ask your local independent cinema, you never know, we may be on there.

Directed by James Moore & William Spicer this is a film that looks beyond disability, and uncovers the soul of a very cool guy. Mike Lindsay from Tunng scores, and the soundtrack includes Bob Dylan, Devendra Banhart and Blur.

Full list of theatres here:

Wednesday 6th June (PREMIERE) Hackney Picturehouse, London (+ Q&A with directors & Richard Bacon)
showing at 21.00 hrs.
Tickets £ 10.00
Booking 0871 902 5734
 Hackney Picturehouse
270 Mare Street
London E8 1HE

Thursday 7th June Lexi Cinema, Kensal Rise, London with Q&A
showing at: 18.30
Tickets £ 10.50
Booking:  0871 704 2069
194b Chamberlyne Rd
Kensal Rise
London NW10 3JU

Friday 8th June Ritzy , Brixton, London (one night only with Q&A with directors)
Showing at 20.40 hrs. 
Tickets £12.10
Bookings 0871 902 5739
 Ritzy Picturehouse
Brixton Oval
coldharbour lane
London SW2 1JG

Friday 8th June Gate Cinema, Notting Hill, London
showing at:
Tickets: £10.50
Bookings: 0871 902 5731
Gate Picturehouse
87 Notting Hill Gate
London    W11 3JZ

Wednesday 13th June Aberdeen plus Q&A
Showing at: 18.30hrs
Tickets:  £8.50
Bookings 0871 902 5721
 The Belmont Picturehouse
49 Belmont St
AB10 1JS

Thursday 14th June Grosvenor Cinema, Glasgow plus Q&A
Showing at 20.40 hrs. 
Tickets £8.00
Bookings 0141 339 8444
Grosvenor Cinema
Ashton Lane

Friday 15th – Thursday 21st June Ritzy, Brixton          
Showing at 20.40 hrs.
Tickets £12.10
Bookings 0871 902 5739
Ritzy Picturehouse
Brixton Oval
coldharbour lane
London SW2 1JG

Saturday 16th June Bath  Plus Q&A
Showing at 15.30hrs. 
Tickets £8.00
Bookings 0871 902 5735
 Little Theatre Co
St Michaels Place
Bath BA1 1SF

Sunday17th June Exeter Plus Q&A
Showing at 20.00 hrs.
Tickets £8.50
Bookings 0871 902 5730
Exeter Picturehouse
51 Bartholomew St West

Monday 18th June Southampton Plus Q&A
Showing at 18.30hrs. 
Tickets £7.50
Bookings 0871 902 5377
Harbour Lights Picturehouse
Ocean Village
SO14 3TL

Thursday 21st June Greenwich Picturehouse Plus Q&A
Showing at 20.40hrs.
Tickets £9.50
Bookings 0871 902 5732
Greenwich Picturehouse
180 Greenwich High Rd
London SE10 8NN

Friday 22nd – Thursday 28th June FACT, Liverpool Plus Q&A
Showing at: 18.15hrs
Tickets:  £8.50
Bookings 0871 902 5737
 Picture House at FACT
88 Wood Street
L1 4DD

Friday 22nd – Thursday 28th June Stratford East Picturehouse
Showing at: Fri 22nd &Sun 24th – 2p.m; Sat 23/Tue 26/Wed 27 – 6.30 p.m; Thur 28 – 8.30 p.m.
Tickets:  £10.50
Bookings 0871 902 5740
Stratford Picturehouse, East London
Salway Road
London E15 1BX

Saturday 23rd June Open City Docs Fest
Showing at: 15.45
Tickets:  £5.00
Darwin Theatre
Torrington Place
London WC1 E6

Sunday 24th June Cambridge
Showing at:  13.30
Tickets: £7.50
Bookings: 0871 902 5720
Arts Picturehouse
38-39 St Andrews Street

Monday 25th June Tyneside Newcastle
Showing at: 18.10hrs
Tickets: £6.95/8.00
Bookings: 0845 217 9909
Tyneside Cinema
10 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Thursday 5th July Cameo, Edinburgh Plus Q&A
Showing at: 18.15 hrs
Tickets: £7.00
Bookings: 0871 902 5723
38 Home St

6th July Oxford Plus Q&A
 Showing: 18.30hrs
Tickets: £8.70
Bookings 0871 902 5736
Phoenix Picturehouse
57 Walton Street

9th July York Plus Q&A
 Showing: 18.30
Tickets: £8.20
bookings: 0871 902 5726
City Screen Picturehouse
13-17 Coney Street

11th July Norwich Plus Q&A
 Showing: 18.30
Tickets: £8.50
bookings: 0871 902 5724
Cinema City
St Andrews St

12th July Brighton (+ live music from Heavy Load)
 Showing: 21.00
Tickets: £8.50
bookings: 0871 902 5728
Duke of York
Preston Circus

Thursday, 17 May 2012

mission to lars tour dates and trailer

MISSION TO LARS TOUR of Picturehouse Cinemas

We are doing some talking often with interesting people at every one of these dates, although only once at the long run screens - Ritzy, Gate, Stratford and Liverpool - because honestly, we really aren't that interesting. 

If you want to meet Tom, he has confirmed only the premiere in Hackney on 6 June and at his home city of Exeter on 17 June. 

We've seen him sign autographs before, maybe, just maybe, he might again... Nah, not confirming anything. If you think rock stars are unpredictable, you should meet our fragile X superstar brother Tom (which you might, then again you might not, and so on)

Book through your local Picturehouse, or at

Like a Hollywood motion picture we also have a wicked trailer

6th June Wed Hackney (premiere, with Q&A afterwards moderated by TeeVee's Richard Bacon)
7th June Thu Lexi Kensal Rise (not a Picturehouse:
8th June Fri Ritzy Brixton (one off with Q&A)
8th June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) Gate Cinema
13th June Wed Aberdeen
14th June Thu Grosvenor Glasgow
15th June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) Ritzy Brixton
16th June Sat Bath
17th June Sun Exeter
18th June Mon Southampton
21st June Thu Greenwich Picturehouse
22nd June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) FACT, Liverpool
22nd June Fri-Thu (plays for one week)  Stratford
24th June Sun, Cambridge TO BE CONFIRMED
25th June Mon Tyneside Newcastle
5th July Thu Cameo Edinburgh
6th July Fri Oxford
9th July Mon York
11th July Wed Norwich
12th July Thu Brighton (+ live music from Heavy Load)

Dates to be confirmed, Leeds and Inverness

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Click this to see the first minutes of Mission to Lars

We have a website now

We have a date for the premier, Wednesday 6th June 2012 and tickets will be for sale on Picturehouse website soon:

Our Facebook LIKErs are growing: FACEBOOK

And reviewers, journalists and others are starting to see and like the film.

Moving onwards and upwards while occasionally tripping over our own shoelaces