Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Soon, this modest, amateurish, heartfelt blog will turn into a proper website. This will function like buying a load of new sports gear and get me all excited about doing something that I was getting a bit slack at. It will function like that new geometry set and pencil case I got in August for the new term in September. It will encourage enthusiasm and it will force me to blog regularly, it will force me to search for meaning and answers where currently I push things under the carpet to resolve themselves.

Navigating the festival application political dance and wondering how much money to spunk on PR is currently the thing I am least able to think about.

By the time I blog again, at greater length, it will be something else.

We have been blessed with some blinding support since the film's come closer to the final edit, from some truly excellent people. We have secured theatrical release and a few other things I can't write about without getting myself in do-do. It is nearly impossible to celebrate any successes when everything else, hanging, is a potential failure.

Do I sound glass half empty when it is actually three-quarters full?

That's because one person's decision can affect so many outcomes. It's a well-known cause of IBS, I'm sure...

Adieu, til next time. Hopefully on a propa site, with moving shit n buttons n stuff