Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Looking for metal music to borrow or buy for our film

I had a bit of a weep yesterday listening to Metallica tracks; the lump grew in my throat and my eyes started stinging and I'm not sure what the cause was, the stirring thrash metal ballads of the second greatest touring rock band in the world, or just the memories of the RV trip with Will and Tom last December. Certainly, I saw them four times in a year so I am fairly well acquainted with their popular back catalogue now, which helps with the emotional connections.

Truthfully, I didn't cry, per se, but I felt close to it and slightly emotional. That rufty tufty old inability to jerk the tears at the appropriate moment has cost me many a TV job, not being moved that easily by stuff other than a wheelchair under my arse. but the emotion's there, it is. promise.

I don't know if I said in recent posts that I had been showing some little hunks of the film to various people some of whom clapped, laughed and wiped away tears, some real moist ones, some nearly there. Tears of laughter are more common than tears of compassion and empathy and sadness, but that's partly coz we haven't got to the bit where Tom may, or may not, meet Lars. That's the real cheek cleaner.

Others have not laughed or cried or said much, they've responded with a sort of mute awkwardness, which I guess means we won't be getting the Care Bear loving PC community coming to see our film about the reality of family life, be it with or without a learning disability to confuse the familial chaos further.

Anyway, one thing the film highlights is that I am a far bigger pain in the arse and embarrassing twat than Tom is; and on that note, I am off. I need to do some work. The washing machine exploded recently, and I've had to spend all my fun money on white goods and I need to make some more dough fast.

I have pasted in the Soundcloud gizmo here in case anyone's got some heavy metal we can use for our soundtrack that doesn't cost the earth, ie, more than a few thousand quid, even if it's really good.

We haven't come to an agreement with Metallica yet regarding what we can and cannot use of their backcatalogue and the enormous amount of live stuff we filmed while on the road. I am preparing some huge tremulous puppy dog eyes and hoping for the best, although I don't think any lawyer ever fell for puppy dog eyes, so I might as well just take my fingers and cross em. or, fold down the two middle fingers and ROCK ON. I don't think sexual favours will help either. So, yeah, we'll just have to beat those tracks out of them, if security will let us past. 

Send me your track