Friday, 13 January 2012

Waiting waiting waiting

Soundmix - nearly complete; colour grade - done. Finished film by end of February. Will do a friends and family screening, for crew, investors and a few key supporters round Valentine's Day. Website should be active by then too. Apparently the tardiness is my fault, because I haven't written all our publicity and website material.

It's painful work, and watching myself on film is excruciating. If there are any profoundly altruistic film PRs out there...

Seen Tom a lot lately. He's been having some big adventures, like, taking the bus to Exmouth and disappearing for a day. He was registered as a missing person, and police were taking it very seriously, given that he is considered vulnerable.

He rang Mum on his mobile to say he was lost, then lost battery. He's only recently been allowed on the buses on his own and is meant to stick to only the buses with numbers he recognises. Pushing the limits, the day before he went not just to Exmouth on the bus, but on into Exeter.

Well done Tom. Then, this. Where had he gone, where did he get to. Mum said he sounded frightened. We all went into full on flap mode, my Mum couldn't stop crying. And then, around 8pm, he walked through the door at Bystock, his home, and asked where he's been he said, Plymouth, and went straight to his room.

that's plymouth bus station's graffiti there on the right

He'd got lost and found his way home. I wish I knew more, but extracting details from Tom isn't always that easy.

We've taglined Mission to Lars, "everyone deserves one big adventure".

Seems Tom's got an appetite for them.

Me and him are going to take the bus to Bickington next time I go to visit him. I asked him where he'd really like to go and he said, "Don't mind, somewhere far away from here."

Ahhh Mumbo. You are so excellent. I can't wait to get you up on a big screen and let people judge you, then think again. the label, 'learning disabled' takes so much away from what people imagine you are capable of.