Friday, 8 April 2011

'the last ten grand'. party only option - as ever

S>N>A>F>U IT feels like every six months I write something about having to find 'the last ten grand'. currently i'm finding my latest last ten grand, well maybe a little bit more. i've proved myself v poor (D+ at best) at the whole 'picture the scene' richard e grant in the player style pitching for dough. instead i'm going to do what i know, and throw another party.

this one is going to be small - back in the day, before i was sensible, we used to call them microwaves - or to make it sound bit grander, a boutique bunfight. there will be a bit of banter about the film with someone important who can lend it some deserved credibility and showbizification, a screening of some of the film, in a beautiful house, stuffed with cool contemporary art, that i am borrowing from a secretive and philanthropic good guy. we'll draft in some thinking man/woman's crumpet to give the do a bit of conversational sex appeal and social jeopardy.

i will beg, borrow and steal lovely food and good wines. at the end (if people pay me enough money not to bring out my alter ego, a ridiculous middle aged mid life crisis type female who is a complete disc jokey, aka, DJ Set Wrecker) my philanthropy-soldier buddy, Sigrid, and I will stand at the door with more begged, borrowed, stolen goody bags, a copy of the film to take away and our hands held out, selling stakes in the film.

the guest list is small and nearly full of, let's be honest here, PEOPLE WE KNOW WITH MONEY. but if anyone out there in the world thinks they should be at this do, get in touch.

best way to contact me is via twitter, @spicerlife; or email me katespicer AT btinternet DOT com

the directors, will and james, are found at spicer & moore, their production company

i would dearly love to talk about where the film is at now in great detail but a deep suspicion tells me not to. don't want to jinx nuffink.

love and light (as my dear dear very old friend victoria beckham likes to say), kate

comrades! let's get thomas spicer on the television set. he's got more charisma than holly willoughby (but smaller boobs, for now at least given the rate he's gobbling pies he's catching up fast)