Saturday, 5 March 2011


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I would like to apologise to the hundreds of people who have left some really wonderful comments on this blog; i never found them until now. some of them had incredibly useful and helpful advice, some of you had offered contacts that, at the time, could have changed our world. I am just gutted that I was such a dolt, that i never worked out how to view them all.

touched and full of thanks and will check my comments box regularly now.


Friday, 4 March 2011

Sweet Thing

A best friend said she was approached by her daughter recently "Mum is my tooth-fairy on benefits because my friends all got a pound under their pillow and all I got was 20p."
"It's ok sweetie she's just saving up to get a swimming pool installed at the back of her council chestnut maisonette."

Talking of sweet things, there was an article that caught my eye recently about cake. An unsatisfied customer and the lack of the candyfloss-topped tooth-melter named the Sweet Tooth fairy cake at a quaint shop in Cardiff. I see what the toof fairies are doing. Times are tough, but i remember when teeth fell out naturally; on a modest blackjack or fruit salad chew from days of yore. None of this fancy spread fodder. The pennywise little mites must be earning a hefty penny round Cardiff way. The mother in the shop threw herself to the floor in front of her zombie cold-turkey kids "going ballistic" because her favourite teeth decaying treat had sold out. Not before grabbing the shop owners hair the woman was apparently seen smashing the counter in a Vinnie Jones stylee - 'don't let me see this happening again, AWIGHT?'

The star of Mission to Lars Tom Spicer likes cake, especially with tea and 3 sugars. Unlike our sweet tooth loyalist above, Tom has impeccable table manners, even wiping away any trace of crumbs from the table so as not to make mess. "don't like mess, hate it". Tom thoroughly enjoys food and is not a snob about what he masticates - Just good proper tucker.
When he was a tyke Tom would wriggle with sheer joy as the book Fish for Breakfast was read to him. His lively peridot eyes signalling to the story teller like a lighthouse in the Farne Islands, bright and excitedly awaiting confirmation of what "loony" would do such a thing.
Tom now thoroughly enjoys fish for breakfast.

It was good to see Tom tucking in to the variety of food stuffs on the road stateside in the mighty Mission to see Lars. This is a magnificent film with many an astonishing scene such as a visit to see Lynne, herself very knowledgable about Fragile X, her son Andrew being FX. We see Andrew moshing to Queen in his bedroom, surrounded by immaculately applied Freddie Mercury posters on the wall. Is there a connection between those with fragile X and the love of heavy metal and rock? Fascinating. One thing Lynne confirmed as does Proffessor Randi Hagerman later in the film is that those with Fragile X are much more sensitive to sound than others. I'm intrigued to find out more. All these years we assumed Tom's tendency to ask for the tv and radio to be turned down for being "too loud" was just being silly. Ironically Tom adores talking about listening to music really really loud but like the time we conceded taking him to the tattoo shop to satiate that desire, or to the motorbike shop for a really fast bike, he was just in it for the banter! I've watched MTL about 20 times as I've wanted to see it with friends and family members to imbibe their reactions. All have been hugely positive and everyone picks up on the beautiful humour of the film interjected with very interesting knowledge of the FX condition.

The film picks up momentum like Metallica's Enter Sandman. Gets better and better. Tom's comic timing is impressive. He'll keep you guessing til the very end. Mission to Lars brings tears of laughter, joy and heartbreak. The recipe for an epic moovie don't ya think. Everyone should get to watch this film. It's so entertaining and super insightful. There is a part where Tom chooses to wait in the van while the rest of the crew go and do an interview. Voyeristically we see Tom, unaware of the camera left lying nearby, double-checking his perfectly packed bag for his roadtrip of a lifetime and displaying the beautiful FX charachteristic of hand flapping with uncontainable excitement at the mere thought of meeting Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Another favourite cheeky clip is at the end of the film when Kate chirpily asks Tom what he plans to do next - "that's enough Kate. leave it".

Tom's journey has certainly not ended it is only just beginning. We are finding things out about Tom and Fragile X that we have never known before. Wicked sense of humour being one of the super special things about him. Oh how we were warmed when Tom matter of factly started signing his autograph on the promotional film cards for people lucky enough to have seen previews of the film already.
Tarrah for a bit. Georgie x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

clips of the film

Waiting to hear back from the BBC and festivals is the closest I've got to that feeling of waiting for A level results; it's worst than waiting for my degree result because I knew I'd done badly in that.