Thursday, 17 May 2012

mission to lars tour dates and trailer

MISSION TO LARS TOUR of Picturehouse Cinemas

We are doing some talking often with interesting people at every one of these dates, although only once at the long run screens - Ritzy, Gate, Stratford and Liverpool - because honestly, we really aren't that interesting. 

If you want to meet Tom, he has confirmed only the premiere in Hackney on 6 June and at his home city of Exeter on 17 June. 

We've seen him sign autographs before, maybe, just maybe, he might again... Nah, not confirming anything. If you think rock stars are unpredictable, you should meet our fragile X superstar brother Tom (which you might, then again you might not, and so on)

Book through your local Picturehouse, or at

Like a Hollywood motion picture we also have a wicked trailer

6th June Wed Hackney (premiere, with Q&A afterwards moderated by TeeVee's Richard Bacon)
7th June Thu Lexi Kensal Rise (not a Picturehouse:
8th June Fri Ritzy Brixton (one off with Q&A)
8th June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) Gate Cinema
13th June Wed Aberdeen
14th June Thu Grosvenor Glasgow
15th June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) Ritzy Brixton
16th June Sat Bath
17th June Sun Exeter
18th June Mon Southampton
21st June Thu Greenwich Picturehouse
22nd June Fri-Thu (plays for one week) FACT, Liverpool
22nd June Fri-Thu (plays for one week)  Stratford
24th June Sun, Cambridge TO BE CONFIRMED
25th June Mon Tyneside Newcastle
5th July Thu Cameo Edinburgh
6th July Fri Oxford
9th July Mon York
11th July Wed Norwich
12th July Thu Brighton (+ live music from Heavy Load)

Dates to be confirmed, Leeds and Inverness


JOHN H said...

Would love to see this movie, but all sold out at Cameo Edingburgh. As soon as dates confirmed in Inverness, would like to know.



Will it be screened in Glasgow again? If not how do we get to see it? Any plans for a screening on TV? Read about it with my 15 year old (who's a Metallica fan) in Red Magazine at the dentist and we'd both love to see your film.