Thursday, 4 March 2010

mission accomplished-ish

"Grrrrrrrrrrr yeah, Metallikaaaargh!" Hamming it up with devil horns and middle fingers. (Is James preparing himself for a lap dance. Will looks like a scary rabbit. Leigh can't be scary, neither can Ben. Or me. Those T shirts are mostly ripped off, bought off the pavement some distance from the merch stand - which is embarrassing. Tom hangs on to his dignity.)

Mission to Lars cast/crew , Orangeland RV Park (No 1 RV park in America), December 2009

I haven't posted anything for a while because not much has happened, except me and Will biting each others heads off whenever we chat for more than 2 seconds about the film. Everyone's been trying to get their bank balances back to normal, lacking a rich mummy and/or daddy to bank roll our little project, we've had to squeeze it in between real live money work. this isn't so bad for me, but for will and james its quite hard.

Anyway, all the rushes are logged now (or whatever it is you do with a rush) and we're getting the dialogue transcribed and we're ready to roll with the edit now.

Someone suggested we go to a TV channel with a teaser and get an executive on board for the edit.

Someone else suggested we just make our film.

An awful lot of really interesting people still want to help us, which is pretty awesome dude.

James just sent me this picture, it was taken after the mission ended but before me and Will actually couldn't be in same room as each other. We all look quite happy. This was a sort of a wrap party, we'd gone to a student Japanese in Newport Beach and then had some lager in a kebab house by the marina. Do you think the wrap party for Avatar was like that. The large black shiny thing is a Metallica beach ball (and why not?)

Sadly, I am looking like an aerobics instructor while the others look quite metal. Tom looks really happy, and that's good, because he wasn't a lot of the time. One of the cameramen got a Mission to Lars tattoo after me and Will and Tom left to go back to England. (The other crew stayed on because they wanted to do lots of filmic pick ups (and go to titty bars)...)

I was chatting to the lead singer of Hot Hot Heat the other day. They put out their own albums now. Independent can mean truly independent these days. Or we could go taster in hand to the TV channels and see if they like us any more now that the film is made.

I'd better stop blogging as I have a deadline and I'm sitting in the London Library with only 5 hours left to do it in and I have to fit in a quick snooze and lunch as well. Such is the hectic pace of a freelance journalist life.

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Rebecca Woodhead said...

Great news. Well done Kate. :)