Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A word of warmy from my cold ass

I've never in my life got involved in something other than a human or a pet that had a life of its own until the Mission to Lars project started screwing my nice steady existence up. Largely its been fairly unpleasant, getting rejected by big time teevee; raising the money, not having enough money, doing a massive party to get more money. The shitola has come in every form, from the venue not having enough wine glasses for a four course money raising dinner to my confidence being razed on a regular basis. Going to see the dismissive big gun at Studio Lambert was a particularly low point, ending with him emailing my ex boyfriend to say this thing, "Would never work." Calling my lovely brother Will an extraspecially rude 4 letter word last week was pretty diabolical too. Eating crisps for two weeks in America in bus was not good for my digestion, impending middle age spread or skin either.
However, I have also had some phenomenal support from some incredibly cool, capable people, and to list them here would take for ages and ever, from people who've invested, to Virgin for blessing us with flights and Tom's most happy day upgraded to Upper Class, to the RV people for overlooking a couple of lorry coloured smears on the bed bus. Just yesterday I sat with a bunch of fearsomely brilliant male journalists and photographers who all cheered me on and offered to help, to all the people who came to party and pitched in with the fundraising, to my Mum, Dad and Stepmum and siblings, Amy, Georgie and Ben who have given everything from, love, support and Sam Taylor Wood prints to auction off to hours of time helping the party go with a bang (Amy, 4 months pregnant, moved two gigantic pink horses in to Westbourne Studios to name just one of her acts of perfect kindness). My sister in law Tiff who has let her husband run off on this passion project which is unlikely to pay bills for some time, and may, potentially, never at all. A scary prospect when you have a little family to raise. James, Ben and Leigh, the second unit are all working for de nada but shares. Just knowing that people read this blog and enjoy it is humbling frankly. I won't bang on. This has been a life affirming and evidence of the deep good in people. And then there's Tom, who I have watched step up to the plate in a way I couldn't ever imagine he was capable of really. Tom, interviewing a hairy scary roadie? Incredible. Will and I are bloody lucky to be on this ride with our brother. And this good in this far outweighs any shittiness.
I'm going to eat my bodyweight in cheese in a place with no wifi access at all for a few days. Once I'm back in the real world, I'll get back in the room with this bloggy blog thing.

Happy Christmas 
from the Mission to Lars

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