Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Metallica and U2

Will and James reckon I shouldn't reveal too much of what actually occurred between Lars and Tom and the rest of the band, because it'll make people more curious about coming to see our film. The concept of people 'coming to see our film' is quite a remote one, and I'm going to think about whether I should tell the whole story, including Tom fascinating interaction with some of the other, less friendly, people among the band.

I'm going to think about this over Christmas, and debate it with William and Tom in Cornwall when I finally get to see them tomorrow. It'll be interesting seeing what frame of mind Tom is in and whether he feels extra close and bonded to me and/or Will, or whether he'll look down his nose at me/him/us for being such berks on the road.

Actually, the family 'mare seems to be dissipating now. The main concern is how to recreate the best bits of family drama that were not caught on camera. (such as previous post, Fight! Fight! Fight!'s, Do you want to go to Bristol? Do you want to go to Devon? Do you want to see the back of me and Will?)

The extremely genius Michael Holden came up with an idea yesterday over lunch, which would tip the film into the comedy documentary concept; I'm not sure how I feel about this. Laughing is a thing very dear to my heart, an addiction some would say if it was not so good for you. So to write a comedy documentary that was not actually funny would probably be my idea of a complete and utter shame disaster.

My whole family love laughing, but the Spicer's two most juniors - Georgie and Ben - are the two I have had the biggest with in recent years. One Christmas the three of us were driving home to Brizzle and we were laughing so hard the tears were squirting from eyes and I could barely see the road. I had to pull over to the slow lane and take it steady til the good times had become a little less hysterical.

Tom loves a laugh, and he has a strong sense of humour, which is actually pretty evolved and crucially very much his. I don't want to sound patronising but he is definitely a more naturally funny guy than my ex-boyfriend. Will said to me when we were on the road, "I'm worried that this trip isn't containing any laughs." I could only agree. Poor Tom, a roadtrip with no laughs. What's the point of it? What is the point of a roadtrip with no laughs?

I suppose laughing at us rather than with us will have to be our hindsight giggles.

I've got to go and buy some really expensive cheese now, and take my extremely jaded, tired ass to a family christmas which I hope will prove rejuvenative and not combative. Word on the family street is that Tom seems confident, his speech is good, and he's on the toppest of top forms. Looking forward to seeing him very much, in the knowledge we just shared a nutso adventure

My film rec for seasonal joy is Metallica's Some Kind of Monster, in which the ultimate line, "What would U2 do". Heavy metal's called that because of the high levels of iron(y) it contains

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