Thursday, 31 December 2009

qualifying last night's post

Honestly, things are all fine enough, I just think Tom had it up to here with a mountain of squawking rellies, and the trip boosted his confidence and communication skills, we were a flat organisational structure, with no real hierarchy, and suddenly he's back struggling with a hoard of so called normal people who aren't necessarily putting communicating with him first, that unseemly self-organising hierarchy that is a typically dysfunctional family. It's probably just a bloody pain and he can't be arsed with it. Know the feeling.

I'm just going to take him up a cup of tea - still loafing in his bed at midday - and see if we aren't getting on better today. Him and Will had a grand time planning Tom's big business idea, The Club, which he wants to build in the woods behind Bystock. So I really do think its about giving him time and concentrating on that, not always easy at these mass festive clan gatherings.

More about The Club later. (It's a quiet nightclub, for blokes, and for favoured unannoying females. Metallica's head of security, Tom, is to be headhunted for the door, and for coming in for whiskeys and banter later. There's going to be a huge open fire.)

So Tom just came down and he's gone off to get the papers and we're getting on fine, so it's cool beans. He says he wants to go back to Bystock today. Mum would like him to stay for NYE, but I know that Tom is missing his best mate, Geoff, and if Geoff is back at Bystock too then that's where Tom should be.

Here are some more of Tom's pictures. This one is of the sound dude, Ben, map-reading, a near permanent job (along with holding the dodgy sat nav into a plug socket while running the generator while driving), in one of the RVs.

The rest are in transit, from the RV window.

Happy New Year, think 2010 going to be an arsehole, but that's just the shit in my head it's not an astrological prediction.

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