Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tom is being dead reclusive and doesn't seem very happy. He didn't enjoy a lot of the America trip and he's not afraid to tell people that it was boring. I went upstairs to try and ask him what was wrong with him today and feed him more sandwiches as he's not that interested in coming down for meals, but he just turned away from me and refused to speak, other than to nod his head when I asked if he wanted me to leave the room.

Any nice warm feeling of doing something nice for our brother is seeping away and I am wondering if I actually have made things worse for him. His frustration levels seem to be high, having all communicated pretty well in the US we now barely communicate at all. Not sure where my heads at with this?

Anyway, here are some more of Tom's disposable camera shots.

I think you'll agree they have a certain Martin Parr-esque banality

this computer shot out of a cupboard on a bad corner not long after this. my insurance didn't cover it. buggery!

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