Friday, 30 October 2009

Will's thoughts about Tom

I won't inflict on my brother, Will, the tendency I have to splurge personal information in an incontinent style, he has rather more dignity than I do. But he did put two quotes about Tom at the end of a treatment, which I reproduce here. Will has the keys to this blog, so if he wants to hack in and offer his point of view, then am sure he will:

"Tom is my big brother, and I am his little brother. I am married with children, run my own business and am fast becoming a boring middle aged man. Tom is still young at heart and manages to retain the passion and obsession for his heroes that I left behind with my youth. He is lucky in some ways." 
"I recently went through a very challenging period when I decided to start my own family and had to suddenly confront the possibilities that I might have children with Fragile X - to be honest it was a very frightening sense of what could happen and how it would affect my new family's life - these feelings are complicated by an absolute love and respect for my big brother Tom." Will Spicer - Tom's little brother

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