Thursday, 29 October 2009

Brotherly Love

I was going to go to bed. But I got in and my Mum had sent me this picture of Tom and my brother Will, who is shooting the film. And I really don't think family pictures get much better than this. Had the most brilliant night, surrounded by loads of BBC bods trying to help me get the film on telly, but I was just thinking, nah, let's just make it, let's not have any more commissioning editors going, "Are they experienced enough, will she cry enough." We're making a small, sweet film and I do not need anyone else to ask me heavy questions about my relationship with Tom, I think all that will certainly come out in the wash of this film. This blog is already making me think, imagine what making a film will do. Christ, I'm three martinis to the wind and still I'm thinking about our little crazy plan that just might work. Sometimes you just have to crack on. No more meetings, please...

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