Friday, 30 October 2009

Big things to think about

Tom in a limo at my Dad's retirement rave up. Probably one of my favourite pictures of him ever.

Dad's pretty new to the internet, he's spent most of his adult life operating on very sick kiddies, and now he's retired and he's tinkering with facebook and email, and, ah, bless. Anyway, he tried to put something in a comment box and it didn't work. God knows why not. The over sixties can struggle with technology even though they can decline Latin verbs, or whatever it is you do with Latin verbs.

Anyway, this is what he wanted to say.

"In many ways Tom is a better person than a lot of "normal" people in terms of empathy, sympathy and altruism.
Some years ago (and I must emphasise that his current care environment is excellent) Tom was the victim of malicious acts by persons supposed to have care of him, was referred by them to doctors and ended up on sedative medication because of his supposed aggression.  It was eventually revealed that he was being abused and his aggression was frustration that nobody was listening to his point of view. After the evil carers were ousted he came off the medication and exhibited no further aggressive behaviour.
Tom's natural behaviour is caring and generous and he relishes spreading happiness to those around him"

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