Monday, 2 November 2009

Iris flags up an auspicious date, 28.11.09

We are having a big party to launch our Mission to Lars, giving the money to Mencap and thanking all our friends, and hopefully loads of their friends too, for all their enthusiasm and support. To be sorting out the film, doing my normal work and organising a party for 400 is not what I would call a relaxing calling. I was in a bit of a rabbity flap at the weekend and my Aunt Iris, who is an astrologer - a proper one - did a chart for the party and launch of M2L and now we have a date when the stars are on our side.

She gave me a very very complicated chart and a neat summary:

"It will be a spirited, flamboyant, creative evening, full of energy (and fighting spirit for a film about Tom). There is development for the invitees, conversation will flow too. There will be much social enjoyment and personal contacts will flourish [this could mean several things, some of them rude]. This will be a very relaxing and fun evening with a sense of social justice."

She's signed it Iris Horsey, Tom's Aunt-in-law.

PS. Any astrologers out there can click on the chart if they want to see it bigger. All astrological predictions welcome...

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