Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sunpower Natural Cafe

So we left Mamaly's this morning and went to collect the second unit from their motel in Burbank. The guys left me and Tom to wait until we were to get a cab to the RV hire place in Hawthorne where our reactions to our monster trucks would be ready to be recorded as we have finally hired all our cameras.
We waited and waited, spending a bit of time at the pharmacy loading up with stuff, including some nuts so that any anxious hunger spikes can be sorted without resort to the endless array of fast food joints. Then we went to Donut Prince for coffee and a crap donut. After bumbling around some more - which is slow mo, aimless, purposeless buzzing I had to explain to Mamaly's LA born soon to be wife, Mae, this morning - we dawdled back to the second unit's motel to sort ourselves out a taxi.
A taxi to Hawthorne is $100.
I have $20 in my pocket and no money in my bank account and no means to change pounds because every bank I go into wants me to have an account there in order to change currency.
Don't make a low budget movie if you are already on a low budget generally. Because your low budget will go to fund the low budget movie, leaving you with no budget. If this film doesn't work out, I have a sneaking suspicion I'm in the FUCKADOODLE DOO DOO.
So, we make a few enquiries and decide to take the bus.
I've never taken public transport in LA.
The bus driver was surprised that us foreigners were taking the bus. Tom really enjoyed it, buses are a great way of seeing the world.
When we got to our change, on to the Metro at Universal City, Tom had a hot dog, and we sat in a windy space beside the 101 freeway.
Too windy for me. And Tom wanted a coffee, Bubbie's hot dog stall didn't have any so we sloped off again for a while until we found somewhere healthy to eat.
Where I am going to eat a house salad with a raw food curry dressing, and Tom is having another coffee.
Tom is an extremely mellow travelling companion. He just takes it all in his stride, and enjoys looking around. He doesn't complain, occasionally when things get stressy he says, "wa'a go now", but he doesn't make a scene.
He is currently drinking coffee with almond milk in this vegan restaurant.
He doesn't like it.
Tom says, "america is rubbish" but i suspect he may change his mind. also, "You should see the big cars here" and, that's it. x


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Enjoying this blog and story. You say "the Metallica machine is very open to us". Who are you talking to there? Can you say how they are being helpful? Did you contact management? I am fascinated.

Wishing Tom the best!

---English fan

Mission to Lars said...

Metallica have most enormous respect for their fans, I'm experiencing this first hand. First stop would be to join the Met Club, their fan club. We've contacted as many people as possible, from friends of the band to management to press people to fan club people...not sure who was listening, but someone registered our story and now they are really helpful, generous hearted and understanding. As a journalist I have witnessed a few rock, pop and music machines in operation and this one is impressive, efficient and human. Big, big respect to them.