Thursday, 3 December 2009

Have you seen the size of the RV

The RVs we're going to be travelling in for budgetary reasons, as well as making a solid base (metaphorically, so literally) for Tom to know we will return to every day so he doesn't get too confused and disorientated, are big. Too big. I've seen smaller articulated trucks.

We got a discount from the Australian company that own the Apollo Campers; but still they've worked out three times what we thought they'd cost.

We are now skating on the very edge of our tiny budget.

I know low budget documentary movies are totally hip right now. But this is little compensation for the fact that we barely have enough money to eat.

I'm going to have to cook, for real, in the RV because short of living on MacDonalds, its the only way we're going to get anything healthy to eat.

Oh God, what have we started here?!?

Tom and Will are still asleep. I could hear Will tossing and turning and stressing in his blow up bed last night, Tom's confronting his first case of jetlag in his 38 years. I repeat, Oh God, what have we started here?!?

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