Monday, 7 December 2009

Sequoia National Park, CA

Just pulled in to the Three Rivers Hideaway campsite, a six hour drive (with a few stops for fatty foods and gas, and a 90 minute wrong turn) from Vegas. So much has happened since I last hit the blog, and I'm too tired to arrange my brain into a sequential orderly shape right now. Will keeps hitting the buttons that pull the extension bits of the RV in and out, so I'm sitting at the table that turns into my bed juddering back and forth like an old lady on a stannah stair lift.

I'll spill the beans about the last couple of days tomorrow morning. For now let me leave you with some serious concerns I have that are not related to the Mission (about which I have some major and multiple concerns but more about that later). And those concerns are: American foodstuffs.

America has an obesity epidemic because it does not do meals. America turns everything, even its meals, into a delete as applicable fat/sugar/salt/starch centred snack. Wandering round Walmart buying our supplies, everything looked like a snack, everything was a snack. Everything contained corn starch or fructose syrup or similar ingredient, even the yoghurt. Surely a fermented milk product doesn't need xanthan gum or modified corn starch. It's a sad thing when corn starch has to be modified, which then makes corn starch something like a 'natural' product when it is in its unmodified state.

Oh God, I'm tired.

Anyway, if everything is packaged, presented and generally put together like a snack, then how do you know what a meal is. If your life consists of snacking and no real meals then you just eat continually.

Yes, I am very tired.

I think maybe best I start this again in the morning when I can be significantly more erudite. And hopefully I will have stopped snacking by then because the modified cheese flavored corn starch coating on my indiana popcorn is making my fingers stick to the keyboard.

Right well, time to turn my table into my bed.


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