Saturday, 12 December 2009

midnight, orangetown rv park

i've barely touched on what has happened in the last 24 hours or so, and I have a heap of pictures to post too. As soon as I am out of this RV, cured of my scurvy, and back in the world of freetime, I will try to adequately explain way way more, and more besides.

Listening to Tom and Will saying goodnight to each other next door in our motorised home, with many mentions of Lars, as ever, I feel so blessed to have had some QT with them both. So Will and I fought a lot, true, but we've created a world of understanding between each other that we never had before, and if this film never makes any money, well, at least we have that.

Everyone on this film, and everyone who works on it as we enter the post production phase, has worked for shares, which could conceivably be nothing. Yet their passion and dedication has been as if they were working for real live high quantity, smell me, money.


Really, very very, lovely.


figrat said...

Just fantastic! Hope you manage to chill and have a bit of a holiday now...
Fi x

Lucy said...

Fuckin fantastic. Well done you all must be so proud of Tom! Look forward to seeing the film!