Sunday, 13 December 2009


Tom has gone back to Will's for the night, and then we all drive back to his home, at Bystock, to deliver him back into some of his beloved quiet.

Virgin upgraded us to Upper, and Tom's delight was clear as he snuggled back into his little booth with a massive grin going, "Ah, this is nice." I don't actually know which way is up or down, so once I've slept and delivered on a bit of paid work,  I'll get back to this blog with the pleasure of issuing some more intricate detail.

Someone criticised the way I don't let Tom speak enough through the blog, which is probably fair enough, I've got a bit of sleeping to do before I can factor criticism and some of the hundreds of photos we took into my posts.

Love and happiness. x

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the road trip mate!! I hope you achieve 'mission complete'. I read about this mission in the sunday express magazine suppliment.. it said that if you do meet lars you would invite him down to devon for a cup of tea?!! well i live in South Devon, right next to the lighthouse- good luck on getting him down wiv uz carrot cruncherz!!