Tuesday, 1 December 2009

At Mamaly's apartment in Bel Air

So, christ, what can I say. Tom went to bed rinsed, confused, lost looking and incredibly brave after nearly 24 hours awake. He sat quietly through the flight, not watching vids or looking out the window or anything. You could tell he was just way way out of his comfort zone. After endless travelling shenanigans, we arrived at my old friend Mamaly's place, and I helped Tom have a bath and washed his hair and he took himself off to bed. I hope, and I think, he'll be feeling bigger and stronger tomorrow. There were moments on the journey when his total fear and lack of comfort, were lost to his general excitement at, taking off, landing, looking out the window at clouds, or when the really lovely flight attendant, Penny, on our flight from Heathrow, came and crouched by his side, touched his knee and welcomed him on the flight. As we got off the flight she rushed through her important upper class customers to hold his arm and say have a great adventure Tom, and Tom turned round and said thank you in the sweetest and most touching way. This is an extraordinary journey. And it is only getting more extraordinary. I need to sleep now.


Anonymous said...

The image of you in the bathroom with your brother and washing his hair is a very powerful one I think. It very simply shows the kind of bond you have with each other and reveals a lot about your own personal qualities, your motives etc. I hope you filmed it happening, if not, definitely do next time it happens. Ax

Lucy said...

Hi... my brother also has severe LD's, lives in sheltered housing, loves music so am really touched by what you guys are doing.

I have passed on a link to your blog to Vincent Maraval (mate's husband) who is a film distributor
CHE latest project of his) and also a guy called Richard Grandpierre who is a producer. They are based in France and are good friends of my mate Louise who also has a brother in law with profound learning and physical disabilites... (common thread here!) I also know someone who secures funding for small budget films so she may be able to help you too... should you need any? Good luck with everything! Hope you have a fucking ball!

Mission to Lars said...

Lucy, this is great. I hope when we return we will have some footage we can edit together. I'm easy enough to contact on katespicer@btinternet.com. Thanks for your support x