Monday, 30 November 2009

total bloody drama - the only predictable thing is the unpredictability of Tom

Went to Bystock to pick Tom up Monday, we fly 11.30 this Tuesday morning. 

We got there and Tom was having lunch with the lorry drivers up in the tea shed, he had unpacked his bag (which he had packed last Thursday) and told everyone he had an upset stomach. Just the previous day he had been excitedly telling everyone he was going to meet Lars, and now he didn't want to anymore. He avoided us like the plague; Will and I knew not to get angry, but I kind of wish I had, because we aimlessly drifted around, Tom getting more and more removed and aloof and disengaged with us, while the time slipped away tick tock, only 18 hours til we fly and Tom has unpacked his bag and claimed there is too much work in the paper shed and he can't go away.

Will went and worked on him for a bit.

No joy. In fact Tom locked the door to his room and told us, politely, to go away.

The whole place was abuzz with his holiday and now it was even more abuzz with his refusal to go.

Tom had done a disappearing act. Thankfully, for he does not always, he stayed within Bystock Grounds and was reasonably findable. He kept popping up, he's be, say, drinking a cup of tea, I would gently go to join him and broach the subject of maybe getting in the car to go and see Dad, half way in Bristol.

Nope. Then he'd stand up and walk away.

Around 5pm, after I had rung Virgin to see if they could move our flights forward a day or two (not looking terribly likely currently), I went up and said through his door, 'Tom, Will n I we've busted our asses to make this happen, we've given up paid work and generally exhausted ourselves in the pursuit of your hearts desire. That's not very nice. I'm going to go away for a while and let you think about this. Goodbye.' 

An hour later after another vile cellophane wrapped 'meal' from a garage/supermarket I went upstairs and his room was no longer locked. I went in and we spoke nicely to each other. After about 20 minutes my stepmum turned up, Tom's a little bit scared of Janie. She is what I refer to as, 'the big guns', and this does not refer to her muscles. She simply knows how to make Tom do things. We chatted about the brothers and sisters and about Dad's poorly knee, about the new log burner at my Dad's house and their neighbours new bathroom.

Within 30 minutes he was in the car.

As I type Tom and Will are asleep at Dad's house in Bristol. I drove the car back to Will's wife, who had packed him and bag and bundled up his passport etc. We are meeting at the airport at 9am. 

What happens next, I don't know. But I know I need to sleep.

I will keep this regularly updated on the road.

Thanks for being interested xx

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Ruth said...

good luck guys... keeping everything crossed for you x