Saturday, 7 November 2009

Sheffield Documentary Festival - postscript

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Will and I were absolute newbies at the whole festival thing, we fluffed one pitch quite badly, well, I did with my scattershot enthusiasm; and spent a lot of time feeling like the new kids at school surrounded by knowing sixth formers. We didn't get too bothered about it long term because God you learn from mistakes much faster than getting it right and as long as we come back with decent rushes we can talk to people about funding and backing then. Will and I talked non-stop (when we weren't discussing what a pair of clueless goons we were) about the project. What I love about these massively confidence crises is that we always come out the other side with a stronger vision and a stronger sense of commitment and resolve.

Ha, ha, ha, ha. I used my sense of inexperience as a means of communication with other delegates. And after the daylight hours of feeling like dorks we loosened up with some booze and met some totally incredible inspiring interesting people and fitted right in fine enough. We knew a few people there and some important people were nice to us; some important people ignored us like a poo-ey smell, but hey ho, that's the important person's prerogative. You just gotta be able to ha ha ha ha ha at yourself when you aren't that important, ha ha ha ha, and crack on with it.

It was a useful positive move in the right direction heading up there, and the time Will and I had to think and brainstorm was fabulous.

It's so great to have Tom here for the weekend, he hasn't stayed at my place for over a decade and it's just blissful to have his gentle presence here in my home.

may i recommend the following from the Sheffield programme: american: the bill hicks story, winnebago man, 21 below, i'm dangerous with love...

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