Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lars Silas Toy

I put the blog up on facebook and all sorts of interesting people messaged me and commented. My favourite today is my mate Skinny Chris, who pledged us his Lars Silas toy, pictured below. I'm thinking we can stick that on the RV and let it be our lucky mascot. Obviously I am still smarting from being told that the BBC said about me, "She's not Stephen Fry" or in another game of media whispers, "not easy to warm to" and "cold". And there's still the matter of finding a second cameraman who'll work for peanuts and beer.

But having a really cool toy totally wipes out that trifling fact and has set me back on the road to the Mission to Mars.

Yeah, who needs the BBC to like you when you have rocking Lars toy to put on your dashboard.

As Tom would say in moments of celebratory shouting, "Yeah, Metallicaaaaaa!!!"

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Ruth said...

Who needs another Stephen Fry anyway!?! good luck Kate (and Tom), sounds like a fab adventure! I'll look forward to following the blog and seeing the film one day.