Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

We are in Glasgow, Tom, Mum and me, for the Royal College of Psychiatrists annual conference. Tom has just introduced his own film on stage to rows and rows of shrinks, he wasn't as confident as he thought he was going to be, but bloody hell, it wasn't bad for his first proper formal public speaking engagement. I have to rush in and do a panel talk with him now, but will update with more anecdotes (including buying flash trainers and a visit to the hairdressers). Toodle pip for now.

Attached, a picture of Tom, Prof Angela Hassiotis and me, last night, after a few wines (us not Angela).


Justin Dunn said...

I finally got to watch the film, and I have to say I loved it! I've wanted to see it since it was released, but finally remembered it and watched. I instantly liked you all!! From the very beginning it was just real. No b.s., just a real, beautiful thing you captured on film. I have always been a Metallica fan as well. I assumed they were all nice guys, but they blew me away!! What a class act all around, band, management, roadies etc. Lars was so down to earth! I felt genuine happiness and smiles every time Tom progressed, and seeing his reaction when the moment finally came made my week!!! Seeing you all get to that point as a family, and through setbacks was so wonderful. With the gloomy news around the world, terrible, on top of worse, on top of war, on top of even worse news, this movie was an excellent nudge and wink saying, "Hey, there are good things happening too." It definitely filled up my heartwarming happiness tank!! I will be good on that for awhile now! Thank you for such a great film! Simple. Beautiful. Love. Cheers!!!!!

Mission to Lars said...

Thanks Justin, It's so great to get feedback - good and bad, but especially AMAZING like this :)