Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No post for two months and then twice in one day. It's like buses this blog

Thought a couple of photos of Tom living large on his 40th birthday celebrations might provide warmen the cockles. I am especially proud of the boadyboarding...

It was hard work getting Tom in that wetsuit, took three strong men...

...but once he was in we were cooking on gas

walked through Newquay, rolling with my crew, lots of pisstaking

met Brendan, the instructor at Rob Barber's Body Boarding School

...caught some waves, man. no sweat

afterwards the lovely people at rob barber's gave tom a birthday cake

then we all went home to have 'posh dinner' and Tom made a short speech.

Afterwards he opened some birthday presents. His electric drumkit left him speechless

Happy 40th Birthday Bro, for you I really mean it when I say life begins n all that shit. You've climbed some big mountains in recent years, and I think you're feeling good about yourself...

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Mission to Lars said...

you've also got a bit porky Tom. Stop eating pies all the time. x