Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bear Mountain RV Park, Bakersfield. Eugoogoly worthy efforts

So we arrived in dark, going, where the bleep the mountain, all flat roads and the stink of cow crap from what we can divine.

But actually, woke up this morning with a mountain in the fuzzy distance so this RV park, just off freeway, as usual, deserves its name.

Tom, Will and I had a Lars YouTube binge last night and got ourselves hyped for tonight. Tom wants to give Lars a present, so we are making a stop en route to buy 'posh wine' because we read on the Metallica website that he likes dry white wine to drink, as well as tea.

We have a short list of questions to ask him. Will he grip, grin and fuck us off. Or will we get some primo heavy metal drummer access for us to take home and talk about for the next, ooooh, 40 years.

I expect this trip to be mentiond in every one of our eugoogolies.

Slight tension, Tom keeps saying, "Don't feel so good", which could indicate a bottle out at the final hurdle.

But I'm staying positive.

The bruise in the middle of my head is throbbing, and I look like a little elephant. I won't be taking any cute roadies back to my RV tonight, not that I would anyway, being with my brothers n all, and being a nice girl.

There was a full blown slagging off match yesterday. I haven't shouted this much since the Grand National.

Happy Days.

Tom was implying he hadn't had a great time this morning, had to say, there are some things that hang better in the memory than in the present.


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