Wednesday, 11 November 2009

We need more money. Bummer

We're still £10,000 short of a cool budget to shoot our film. Anyone with any ideas, email me on Another BUM thing is that I don't know how to activate the comments boxes on my blog.
Bummer, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Not a bummer, just that blogs don't work in the same instant gratification way Facebook does. Facebook is much easier to understand I suppose, and its shorthand, like Twitter's, is more popular. Doesn't mean to say noone reads blogs though. You've had over 100 people view this blog for instance. Anyway, since I posted your link on my FB page, my You Tube recommendations are all for Metallica! I never realised Metallica did a cover of a Peanuts song for instance. Then I saw this picture. No coincidence really is it?