Thursday, 5 November 2009

Old family photos

Tom's the one in old skool NHS spex. As you can see we were a very stylish family. We were so style free that the major 70s trends like flares and lurid colours in polyester never hit our radars. The little girl kissing Will in the top picture is our cousin Maya, who we are meeting in Vegas for our first stop off in the US. The lady on the scooter is my Granny's cleaning lady, Frances. He's known her all his life. When my Granny died two weeks ago, Frances was still doing some cleaning for her on and off. Frances is 92. Tom loves Frances. He liked her mate Brian even more, Brian was an early Tom idol. Brian worked on a dairy farm. Tom would walk down and help him clean the yard and so on. Tom was obsessed by bulls at this time and we'd often find him sitting in a field containing a large and extremely fierce one. Luckily no harm ever came to him. Brian used to pitch up at my Granny's house on a tractor pulling a trailer full of logs. Logs, there's another thing Tom likes, and chainsaws. Mind you, who doesn't like logs, chainsaws, axes? Ah, those were happy days in my memory. But at the time I suspect I was an absolute brute to my poor brother. I can hear me now, "Oh Tom" or "Tom, don't" or just a long drawn out exhasperated, "Tom." I feel a bit bad now.

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