Monday, 16 November 2009

first day's filming

Well, as I remember all other experiences of filming, the first day is never too tasty, and this first day was no exception. We went to meet Lynn Zwink who is the head of the Fragile X Society, she filled me with information til my head swam, not really helped by a bit of a weekendover; and her F-X son, Andrew pottered round the house in a very familiar F-X sort of way. Will and I were talking on the way back and we realised we had never met another F-X person. Tom is the only one we know. Andrew was kind of funny in the way that Tom is, but he was much much more hyper. Since Tom found an appetite for pies, cheese and wagon wheels he's become a lot more sedate. Andrew was a major Queen fan, and he treated us to a Freddie Mercury style show. Tom used to love Freddie Mercury too. Though there is no way Tom would ever have given us a show quite like Andrew's, complete with microphone stand strut and singlet. Very good.

I've got to do some work now, I've got 36 hours to clear my desk before we go off to do our thing with Tom, we need to get our shit a little tighter, and we know it.

First day's filming is always awkward and weird and no one really finds their feet til they get deeper into the story.

Gotta work. Please come to the Mission to Lars launch. I'll be lonely if you don't x

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Anonymous said...

"pies, cheese, and wagon wheels...sedate." Brilliant.